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The intentional use of a bar of soap is truly a moment to be grateful for; a time to be present with. The SSSOAPS project is a continual exploration of natural materials; carefully combining ingredients to create an array of nourishing, gentle and refreshing bar soaps. High quality, all natural ingredients free of all animal products. External use only.

Givenn Roomm hosts the fulfillment and continual nurturing of SSSOAPS. A project by Toronto based artist and creator, Sandro Petrillo in which he continues to explore and develop a product line based around the fundamental and highly fulfilling use of the consumable product that is a ‘bar of soap’. GR is open to SSSOAPS customers typically on Thursday’s & Friday’s from 3-7pm (unless otherwise stated). Sandro loves to chat, drink tea and coffee and play a wide array of musical selections while in the space, although sometimes favouring the beauty of non-amplified ambient sounds of the world around us. Stop by and have a visit!